Welcome to Counselling Bradford


Counselling Bradford is a professional and confidential psychotherapy and counselling service for people struggling with a number of difficulties.  These might include anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, eating disorders, emotional problems,  behavioural disorders plus other difficulties like stress, anger management, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or relationship problems. However, you may have another worry or concern not listed here. Also, you might not know what is causing you to be so unhappy, overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Speaking to a therapist can be the first step in moving your life forward.

Colleen Heenan is an experienced, accredited psychotherapist who offers help for people in Bradford, Leeds or nearby in West Yorkshire. She can give you further information about how psychotherapy and counselling can help for emotional difficulties and behavioural problems plus a range of other difficulties.

This website offers you some general information on how to get started as well as some links to other useful websites.  If you are not sure which therapy is right for you, have a look at Counselling or Psychotherapy? If you have some practical questions, FAQS gives further information.  And if you want to know more about specific problems, some of the terms offer a link to other relevant websites.

So, if you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, if you have behavioural or relationship problems or other worries and difficulties,  please Contact Colleen at Counselling Bradford to book an initial consultation.